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How I sell homes that did not get sold the first time?

Most agents do the 3 P's

  1. P - Put in sign yard
  2. P - Put the property in MLS
  3. P - Pray someone is going to buy their home

Typical reasons why agents fail to sell homes:

  1. Agent is NOT a listing agent - they mostly work with buyers 
  2. Lack of strong marketing experience in selling homes
  3. Lack of knowledge of local buyers 
  4. Lack of inventory of pre-approved buyers - Click here to see the list
  5. Lack of digital marketing experience
  6. Lack of experience handling out-of-state buyers and relocation

How we do it? 

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  1. Active Prospecting Strategy - Click here to see our strategy 
  2. Result Driven Marketing  - Click here to see our strategy
  3. International and Relocation Marketing - Click here to see our strategy
  4. Our Pre-Approved Buyers - Click here to see the list
  5. Open House Strategy
  6. Technology Driven Backend - Click Here to see our strategy
  7. Postcards to all Neighbors and Buyers
  8. Door knocking
  9. Magic month To Sell Your Property - Click Here to find out

Case Study 1

The property was listed for 90 by the previous agent. When we took over the listing and implemented our proven marketing strategy, we were able to get it sold for 2 days! 


Case Study 2

The property was listed for 110 days on the market. We took over the listing and sold it in 4 days with $10,000 over asking price!! 


Case Study 3

The previous agent listed it for 138 days with no luck. We were able to market it and sold for $20,000 over asking price in a slow season!