Stage 1

The Home Selling Process

Here are some helpful documents on the sale and process of your home and what you can expect as a seller:

What to Expect as a Seller

Before Home Inspection

Stage 1 - Helpful Terms for Buying-Selling Your Home

Stage 1 - It's Showtime

Stage 1 - Preparing Your Home for Sale

Stage 1 - The Closing Process Overview



Stage 2

Seller’s Helpline and Tax Info to Closing

Some contacts for you and some information about Title Insurance and Title Commitment:

Stage 2 - ABCs Title Commitment

Stage 2 - Attorney Helplines

Stage 2 - Tax Information for New Homeowners FINAL

Stage 2 - Why Title Insurance

Stage 2 - Seller's Checklist



Stage 3

Helpful Contacts and References

Some documents that can help you explore the DFW area such as the main attractions, school districts, etc. for your future reference:

Stage 3 - DFW Area Attractions

Stage 3 - After Closing Reminders for Sellers

Stage 3 - Helpful School District Contacts

Stage 3 - Where Are We Located


For the list of our trusted service providers:

Vendor List