When the time has come to sell your home, most people's priority is getting the best price for it in the least amount of time, and the best way to do that is through a good real estate advisor. 

There are quite frankly only 2 things that you need to sell your home for the most money and in the fastest time a) marketing and b) negotiate the deal. You want someone by your side who has the passion to do this, has the marketplace competencies and has a strong appetite to do the right things for you 

While we work together listed below are some of things you can expect from me 

Our Fiduciary Responsibility 

For most, the home is one our biggest financial assets. Its sale is typically one of the largest, most complicated and most emotional financial transactions to undertake. As an agent, I take that responsibility very seriously. 

As your agent, I have a fiduciary responsibility to protect your interests to the best of my ability and to put your interests above all others. 

As your agent, I have an obligation to: 
> Achieve the best attainable sales price and terms within the time frame you delineate.
> Make the process as easy and straightforward as possible, with a minimum of time, effort and stress on your part.
> Protect you, as best I can, from any and all future liability.

We will discuss the following components of my marketing plan
> Pricing Strategy
> Marketing Strategy
> Staging Strategy

My Smart Move Program

Regardless of current market conditions, it has been shown time and time again that a well-prepared home will sell for a higher market price and in less time than unprepared properties. One study found that staged homes usually sold in half the time and, on average, for almost 5% more than unstaged properties. Your home has just one chance to make a great first impression with each potential buyer. We will discuss my “Smart Move” program to wow a potential buyer.

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