We are so confident in our proven D&B Home Selling Plan that if you list your home with us and we can't sell your home for a price you agree to after three weeks of being on the market, we will sell your home for free. There are many "Guaranteed Home Sale" programs out there in the Greater Austin area, yet many of them are simply a gimmick to get their phone to ring. The truth is, many of these programs offer to buy your home if they cannot sell a price that's so low you'd practically be giving your home away. And very few agents or companies actually wind up buying the home.  

While the average agent invests less than $200 a month in marketing, we invest over $10,000 per month to find hundreds of qualified buyers each and every month. Our Guaranteed Sale Program, flexible commission structure, and Easy Exit Promise provide more options to ensure your home-selling goals are met.  

We also sometimes come across people that need to sell their home immediately due to a life event, or perhaps they aren't interested in completing the prep work that is sometimes involved in going on to the open market. Instead of selling your home to an investor or a cash-offer company for 12-15% under market value, perhaps our Swift Offers Program is a better option for your situation.  

Finally, a real estate group that puts its money where its mouth is. Call us or fill out the form below to see if your home qualifies for our Guaranteed Sale Program.