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Complimentary Photos, Video and Drone Shots

Complimentary Professional Photo

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that Buyers want to see rich media and lots of it. Every listing I take receives professional photography; that’s been a standard of ours for years. I’ve partnered with the right professionals to make sure our listings have every advantage I can provide over the competition.

Complimentary Professional Video

We all know buyers love videos. They love realistic, walk-thru tours that truly showcase a property to help them get a feel for the home. Videos allows us to gain maximum exposure and engage potential buyers emotionally.

That’s why I utilize a professional videographer, not just the usual virtual tours used by other realtors, to create videos that are more realistic and more appealing than still photos. Our videos point out the unique elements of each house and its location.

See it from high above! For larger properties, homes with pools or homes with beautiful surroundings, nothing pulls in a potential buyer better than aerial photos and videos. Let your potential buyers see your home from a completely different point of view – high above the rooftops.


3D / Virtual Reality Photography

Prior to putting your house on the market, my professional Virtual reality Videographer will make a visit to your home and will create a 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Tour of your home. Potential buyers near and far will be able to view your property as if they were there. For more high-tech buyers, they can put on their VR Glasses and virtually tour your home like they were actually there.

There have been many cases when international buyers have purchased a home without ever going to a property because of this technology.

If you want to do something like this, don't hesitate to contact us! Fill out the form below:


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