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Sellers Case Study

The Sellers

After living in their Valley Ranch home for three years, the sellers made a decision to move to a more spacious residence. With two growing children, only two baths and four small bedrooms, the house was cramped.

In addition, although the neighborhood is charming with scenic canals and greenbelts, the location of this master-planned community was inconvenient to the sellers' work and children’s schools. 

The Challenge

The 2800-square-foot house, though only 10 years old, had few distinguishing features. The interior was dated and unattractive. While the Valley Ranch neighborhood is located close to major freeways and has easy access to DFW airport, it is not near shopping malls or major centers of business. The unfashionable house and its less than desirable location posed two challenges to selling the home quickly at a favorable price. 

The Solution

Real estate agent Mani Raveendran took a strategic approach to selling the home. 

Re-energizing the Home

First, enlisting the help of a professional property stylist, Mani transformed the look and feel of the home. Each room of the drab interior was re-energized, becoming light, bright and appealing.

The stylist removed outdated, traditional furnishings and replaced them with an eclectic mix of attractive decor. Art was taken from walls, area rugs picked up from floors, and light fixtures replaced. Cluttered surfaces of tables and counters were cleaned.

Throughout the home, traditional furniture was removed and replaced with contemporary upholstery, tables and chairs. New, colorful accessories were added giving vitality to the home.

Mani consulted the family throughout the process. 

“We were a bit stressed in getting the house ready, appraisal for the house, staging, photo shoot, etc. but Mani was good about checking in with us and kept us calm,” says the seller. 

Marketing the Property

Second, Mani marketed the house to a global community through his extensive network of local and international partners. Connected to many international companies who are moving employees to the Metroplex, Mani was able to reach a wide variety of local, national and worldwide buyers. 

“He is completely on top of his game, and he knows the market incredibly well,” the seller says. 

Pricing the Residence Correctly

To entice buyers, yet make sure the sellers would receive maximum return on their investment, Mani priced the home attractively. With many buyers on the table, he counseled the sellers on which offers were best. 

“He kept giving us good advice about which offers to take seriously and which to let slide, and the house sold at a price that we were happy with,” says the seller. 

The Result

Mani’s broad-based experience working with a diverse mix of buyers, and his understanding of their wants and needs, led to several sale opportunities. Still, he went through a rigorous process to select the right buyer. “He has a very meticulous process of selecting the ‘best’ and the ‘right’ offer. He screens the buyer and ensures that the deal does not fall through,” the seller says. Mani’s strategic negotiation with an international buyer ensured an offer over the asking price with a significant cash portion as part of the transaction. 

“We were in such good hands with Mani and couldn’t be happier with his service.” 

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