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10 Things Your Clients Should Know Before Moving To a Newly Built Home

Getting clients into a newly built home can be thrilling, but there are things you, and they, need to know ahead of time to help them have the best experience possible. Read More

How To Find The Right Mortgage: Recognizing The Qualities of a Good Lender

No matter what kind of mortgage you decide on, you should shop around to get one on the best terms at the lowest cost. We know comparison shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but here, failure to compare terms can mean real... Read More

Adjustable Rate Mortgages: Pros and Cons

Given the uncertainty built into them, one might wonder why anyone would opt for an adjustable-rate mortgage over a fixed-rate one. But there are reasons why home buyers prefer them, some good, some not so good. Both stem from the chief advantage adjustable-rate mortgages offer. Read More


Fixes For Common Mortgage Problems: Insufficient Income

If you've followed the advice we've given in previous Buyers Guide installments and gotten your finances in shape, you should have no problem getting the mortgage you need for the home of your dreams. But there's always the possibility you may have overlooked something. Or maybe you haven't gotten everything in order but decided to go... Read More

Picking The Right Mortgage. What's a Mortgage Anyway?

Now that we’ve guided you through getting your finances and your credit score in order, it’s time to guide you through actually getting a mortgage. Read More


The Building Blocks Of Your FICO Score: How They Fit Together

As we noted in our last post, information from several streams on your credit report goes into calculating your FICO credit score. Before we explain each of them in detail, this post explains how the puzzle pieces are put together to generate that almost-all-important number. Read More

8 Steps To Buying a Home

Step 1: Decide to Buy
The decision to purchase your first home is one of the biggest and best choices you could ever make. After all, a home is the largest - and most emotional Read More

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying in Today's Market

When buying a home, you should want to pay as little as you need to for as much as you want. A professional Realtor can help you get the best deal. Whatever you do, don't make the mistakes listed below. Read More


3 Things A Buyer Can Negotiate

You can negotiate your way to a better deal on the home of your dreams. Let an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor be your ally as you negotiate. Read More

The #1 Misconception in the Homebuying Process

After over a year of moderating home prices, it appears home value appreciation is about to reaccelerate. Skylar Olsen, Director of Economic Research at Zillow, explained in a...Read More

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