What’s Happening in the Housing Market?

It’s probably not going to be a shock that the real estate market is softening. After a period of low-interest record rates, we’ve seen a significant increase in the average mortgage after multiple subsequent rate point hikes from the Fed as it tackles inflation. This has hampered both buyers and sellers.

This creates a lock-in effect. Homeowners like you probably hold a low-interest rate mortgage and are reluctant to sell in an environment with rising rates. Buyers also don’t want a high-interest rate, but there are still buyers in the market. Mortgage companies offer alternatives to a 30-year fixed loan along with many ways the buyer and seller can work to buy down the loan to make the payments more palatable.

Right now, there are fewer listings on the market, and active buyers are still looking for the perfect home at the right price. Some homes are still selling within weeks, about 30% nationally. What’s the secret? Being completely ready for occupancy and pricing properties based on condition and comparable sales.

A good real estate agent can work with you to do the right things that will make your home attractive to potential buyers. If you’re not interested in selling right now, you can sit tight because you’ve built equity in your home, and even in this unsteady market, that equity will likely not erode.

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