Top 10 Bathroom Inspirations of 2023

Looking for fresh and innovative bathroom design ideas? Dive into our selection of the year's most popular bathroom styles, featuring a mix of light and airy color palettes, storage-efficient vanities, and practical layouts.

  1. Victorian Elegance: Sara Swabb from Storie Collective brings a touch of romance to a 1900 Victorian row home in Washington, D.C. The highlight is a custom vanity paired with a classic claw-foot tub, accented by antique lighting and a charming rug, creating an ambiance of timeless romance.

  2. Sleek and Modern: PRM Custom Builders crafted a modern yet traditional bathroom in Michigan, featuring a slender wood vanity with Shaker-style doors and tapered feet. The design includes hexagonal floor tiles, mixed hardware, and unique mirrors, combining modernity with a traditional twist.

  3. Luminous Luxury: In Long Beach, California, Well Done Building & Design showcases a primary bathroom that blends luxury with functionality. It features a chandelier, a deep soaking tub, a low-curb shower, and dynamic marble mosaic floor tile, all accented with striking black details.

  4. Functional Elegance: Jessica Nelson Design's Seattle bathroom combines open and closed storage for a practical yet stylish light wood vanity. Marble backsplash, herringbone-tiled floors, and square wall tiles add texture and contemporary flair.

  5. Geometric Chic: Lauren Collander Interiors designed a Chicago bathroom with a bold geometric-patterned tile floor. The vanity's open shelving complements its dark blue-gray finish, while brass-toned mirrors and antiqued hardware soften the cool color scheme.

  6. Serenity in Symmetry: Devon Grace Interiors’ Chicago bathroom features a quartz “countersplash” for a sleek look, alongside a textured wall tile. Brass wall-mounted faucets and delicate glass accents create a calm and elegant space.

  7. Vibrant Tradition: Ellen Whitehead of DEW Design infused bold green Zellige-style tiles in an Illinois bathroom, complementing the home's early 20th-century architecture with traditional floor tiles, a custom walnut vanity, and a claw-foot tub.

  8. Blue Oasis: Courtney Thomas Design remodeled a family bathroom in a California ranch house, featuring Wedgwood blue cabinetry with ample storage and a trough sink for functionality. The design offers a modern take on traditional elements.

Discover more inspiring bathroom designs and bring a touch of 2023's top trends into your own home.

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