Time to File Your Residential Homestead Exemption

Time to File Your Residential Homestead Exemption

New Homeowners. Don’t forget to file your Texas Homestead Exemption for 2018.


How to File for Your Residential Homestead Exemption

Collin County – www.collincad.org

1. Go to Downloads, then select Forms.

2. Select Residential Exemption, click Residential Homestead Exemption Application.

3. Print & complete the form

4. Mail the completed form to the address at the top, left of the application form.


Dallas County – www.dallascad.org

1. Select Forms under navigation links on the left hand side.

2. Select Residence Homestead Exemption Application*

*The Residence Homestead Exemption Application form is available from the details page of your account. You may search for your account by owner, by account or by address. Select the link “Print Homestead Exemption Form”.


Denton County – www.dentoncad.org

1. Go to https://www.dentoncad.com/exemptions then select Apply for a Homestead Application.

2. Download the form Application for Residence Homestead Exemption (includes Over-65 and Disabled) and fill it out.

3. Mail the completed form to the address at the top, left of the application form.


Tarrant County – www.tad.org

1. Select Forms from the Menu at the top and click Homestead Exemption.

2. Download and complete the form & mail to the address at the top, left of the application form.


1. Do I have to file for the exemption yearly? 

No. You just need to file on your first year. 

2. What are the eligibility criteria for filing exemption? 

For filing exemptions in 2018, you should be living in the house by January 1, 2018. 

3. Do I have to pay for this service? 

No, it is free. You can apply online or call your county office.



For more info, contact: 

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