North DFW Top 500 Realtors

Out of ~15,000 agents, we are officially a 2024 North Dallas Real Producer! 

Real Producers ranked the top 500 agents, based off of the MLS production. They strive to inform and inspire the top producing real estate agents in the local market and connect them socially.  

They pull the MLS numbers (by volume) from in the North DFW area: Collin County, Denton County and a few other locations in Dallas County that are North of I-635. Approximately 60,000 agents are licensed in this territory. They cut the list off at #500, and the distribution was born. The list is reset at the end of every year and continues to update annually.

What is Real Producers? Real Producers is the most elite real estate community in DFW! They have a vetted community for the top 500 agents and top businesses. There are 4 Real Producers Markets in DFW: North Dallas, Dallas, North Fort Worth, and Fort Worth. Collectively, our community is made up of the top 2,000 agents in DFW out of ~60,000.

Check out the previous awards here: 

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