8 Staging Hot Spots


When you are listing your home, it becomes a product on the market.  The goal of staging is to present your house in the best possible light and make it as appealing as possible to as many buyers as possible. 

In real estate it is location, location, location and in staging it is inviting, inviting, inviting.  Think of it as creating your own version of a magazine layout.

1. Front exterior - This is the buyer’s first impression of your home from the outside.  Is the landscaping neat and tidy?  Is the front door attractive?

2. Interior entry - What does the buyer see when they first walk into your home? Is the home clean and inviting?  Is the home devoid of family photos so that the buyer can more easily picture their family living here? 

3. Floors - Carpets should be freshly shampooed; wood floors should be dust free and grout lines on tile floors clean.  Remove all small accent rugs to show off your floors.  This also makes your rooms look larger.


4. Kitchen - The heart of the home should be very clean and inviting.  Clear your countertops to show them off and make the space appear larger. Appliances should be sparkling inside and out. 

5. Family room - Colorful plump pillows on neutral sofas really perk up a room.

6. Master bedroom - Think of your favorite high end hotel and model your master after that image.  Bedding should be current and the pillows should be plump. 

7. Master bathroom - Besides the kitchen, this is a very important room to appear sparkling clean.  Add fresh colorful towels and put all of your toiletries away.



8. All closets should be at the very least 25% empty.  When a buyer opens a closet or pantry that is jam packed, their first thought is that the house lacks storage.  It is also harder to appreciate a spacious closet or pantry if it is overflowing.

Eva Hines- Realtor, Stager, Design professional

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